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  • NATURAL PROTECTION: Sunscreen provides effective SPF 50+ sun protection for children. The broad-spectrum UVA & UVB children's sunblock is suitable for daily use on kids' sensitive skin, offering gentle defense against the sun's rays.
  • EASY APPLICATION: The fast-absorbing children's sun lotion won't leave skin feeling oily or sticky, and has no unpleasant chemical scent.
  • CLEAN MINERAL FORMULA: Leaping Bunny-certified sun creams contain no PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, oxybenzone, avobenzone, petroleum, gluten, dairy, or toxic chemicals.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Your child can swim, dive and play in the water safely. Our children's sun cream provides the highest water resistance per the FDA, offering kids continuous protection for up to 80 minutes in the pool or sea before the sunscreen should be re-applied.
  • REEF FRIENDLY: Safe for children, and safe for the earth. Produced in the USA, our sunscreen's active ingredient is non-nano Zinc Oxide, and the formula is highly biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not contain any known chemicals harmful to coral reefs.

Customer Reviews

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M. Berrios
Great natural sunblock!

I was using a great sunblock but that wasn't natural. For years I had problems with eczema on my hands and had to use cortisone cream every night to keep it under control. I had no idea that it was the sunscreen that was doing that. I happen to wear it on my hands every time I go out. Since I started using thinksport, no more eczema. It is a little harder to rub it in, but you get used to it. Most importantly, it really works and it is 100% natural!

Shanna Schultz
Great for sun sensitive skin

I’m incredibly fair skinned and I find this to be an excellent product. I used while swimming, snorkeling, and hiking through the Galapagos and Ecuadorian jungle; it was perfect.

Sarah Pac
Good scent

Thick as all natural sunblocks are. Caused skin to appear a little white. For reef safe this is my favorite!! Kokua also worked well. This beat that one due to the scent. (I have also tried raw element, stream2sea)

Great product!

I have been looking for a high SPF, non-greasy, non-smelly product that blocks the sun effectively but doesn't cause my skin to break out. I also don't like to feel like I'm wearing sunblock. I'm so happy to have found this product as it meets all of my needs!Some info about me: I have Lupus and with that comes photo sensitivity. As such, I have to wear sunscreen on a daily basis (even indoors). The products my dermatologist recommended (Neutrogena SPF 60 sensitive skin and Vanicream SPF 50) weren't working so I went to the EWG 2015 sunscreen guide and ran across this product. So far, I've been using the product for over a week and have been really happy with it. It meets all of my criteria, blocks the sun much better than those products my doc recommended, my skin hasn't had issues with it and what little odor I smell is not unpleasant and seems to dissipate after application. Its also one of the few sunscreens (not meant for the face) that seem to go on with a matte finish and doesn't leave a yucky residue feeling after wearing it all day. I would highly recommend this product.I will update this review if I have any issues with wearing this product for long term use.

K. Anne
Fantastic for sensitive eyes

I have really sensitive eyes, and they water like crazy. Most sunscreens get in my eyes when I wipe them, which leads to stinging and more watering and it’s bad enough that I usually skip the sunscreen. This is the only brand that doesn’t sting my eyes. I do get a white cast when I first put it on, but it does absorb after a little bit. And it’s moisturizing enough that I’m using it as my daily facial moisturizer. Highly recommended.