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  • BATH BOMBS & SHOWER STEAMERS GIFT SET: Bath Bombs Gift Set includes 10 unique 3.5-ounce handmade bath bombs and 6 shower steamers. Our bubble bath bombs 10 scents are blueberry, lavender, grape, lemon, orange, teal, mint, rose, strawberry, vanilla, and the shower steamers have 6 scents are dancing cherry, summer fun, floral, charming angel, the heart of the sea, romantic tango.
  • NEW BATHING EXPERIENCE: Bath Bombs are filled with natural essential oils and sea salts to nourish the body and eliminate fatigue. Throw the bath bomb into a bathtub filled with warm water and just wait for 3 minutes to fully generate the colorful bubbles.
  • HANDMADE: Handmade from all-natural materials, suitable for her/him, free from glitters and artificial colors, suitable for people of all ages, no residual color, no stains, no contamination of your skin and bathtub.
  • TIPS: Remove the plastic seal and place the shower steamer on the floor away from the direct spray of water yet within the reach of random splashes. For hot shower only. The warmer the water, the better the steaming, not for soaking in the bath. 

Customer Reviews

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Ankush Banthia
Perfect gift to myself!!! Loved it!

This is one of the best gift I have given to myself. Its a treat which we definitely deserve to relax and for some me-time. The best part of these bath bombs are the scents/fragrance and different flavors. They come in very cute packing, perfect for gifting to anyone and really in such a good price. I am going to keep buying them.

Canden Robinson
Love, love, love it!

It is a gift for my Mother in Law, so I can't post a photo or video yet. But, it came so nicely wrapped and the box it came in is so nice. Each bomb is labeled as well as each shower steamer. I'm super happy. Can't wait to give it to her!


Very nice for gifts and makes u feel real relax after.

Love the colors

This is the prefect gift option, the color are amazing. The box and the wrapped are nicely. When I open the package the smell was great.

Sophia Song
Love the smell

Comes with 6 perfumes and all of them smells really nice. The colors are beautiful too. Makes shower time a lot more fun!