Anti-Aging Collagen Cream - 2oz

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  • A high-quality anti-aging moisturizer cream that is infused with 100% pure collagen.
  • Promotes firm tight skin for a youthful experience.
  • Package includes 1 Collagen Anti-aging Beauty Cream.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Product

I bought this because my skin was getting thin and everytime I would hit something I would get a blood red mark. Since starting to use this I have not had anymore blood red marks and my hands look a lot younger than they did.

Great buy and great price

So I bought this product for me since i work grave and it can take a toll on your health and on your physical appearance, used it for a week and it was great, in fact it was so good, my mom went and out and took it for herself, me being a nice son just let her keep it, she used it everyday and it worked, her skin looked less dry and it started to give her this beautiful youthful shine.

The best!

I love this product on so many levels. It makes the skin looks younger and the skin brighter. You will not be disappointed.

Cristie Wynne
Great for fine lines/wrinkles!

This is a very luxe cream with just the right consistency. It's not too heavy and not too light, and has a fantastic, fresh scent. It moisturizes without creating an oily appearance. Immediately upon the first application, I noticed a reduction in fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. I didn't think to take a "before" picture of my face, but I figured if it works on your face, it should work anywhere. So I took a "before" picture of my hand prior to application and then I took a couple pictures after I used the cream. My camera isn't the best, but you can clearly see lines minimized in the after shots. If you're looking for something that both hydrates and plumps up fine lines, this fits the bill (and the budget!).

Highly Recommend.

After using my derma roller I apply Timeless 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid and follow Mason 100% Pure Collagan Cream. My 56 year old formerly dry skin is supple and smooth as silk. Zero dry patches, zero flakes and my pores are so reduced they can only be seen with a 15x mirror. Love this product. The price is right and it is very effective. Highly recommend.