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  • PREMIUM QUALITY ROLL-ON ESSENTIAL OILS: Blend of Rosemary oil, Peppermint, Lavandin, Wintergreen China, Marjoram, and Frankincense Serrata essential oils. This 100% pure and gentle, yet strong and effective Therapeutic Grade essential oil is steam-distilled right from the source and packaged in the USA without any additives, toxins, or harmful chemicals. Blended with carrier oils. (Lavandula hybrid Grosso), (Mentha piperita), (Gaultheria procumbens), and (Rosmarinus officinalis).
  • NATURAL HEAD TENSION RELIEF: Whether sinus headache relief or tension headache relief, our headache roller blend is an excellent essential oil for head tension and head discomfort. With soothing essential oils like Lavandin and Peppermint, that cool and relax your muscles, you can apply Head Ease and continue your daily routine, free of disruptive head afflictions.
  • SOOTHE MUSCLE & JOINT ACHES: Our roll-on aromatherapy essential oils are easy to use and work wonders. Simply roll on the Head Ease essential oil blend wherever you have aches and pains and massage into stiff muscles for relief.
  • SAFETY PRECAUTION: Apply skull ease essential oil roll on to clean skin on the inside of your elbow, wrist, or designated area. Cover with a bandage and leave for 24-hours. If a rash or redness appears, discontinue the use of the product. For external use only. We recommend that you patch test the oils for topical use.


Customer Reviews

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I've been a sufferer of chronic migraines most of my life and fighting a brain tumor on top of it hasn't been easy but what I can say is finding this product now has been helpful, the scent is very pleasant and does help me get relief. The customer service went above and beyond expectations and I am very grateful for them and this product! It is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a natural way to help soothe head aches or migraines. I know they have helped me manage mine!

Wow this is working!

I cannot believe it. I have had migraines every night for over a week and tonight I used this and I seems to be working! Honestly shocked! Will update if that changes but.. WOW.

Great for kids

Smells great. I carry it in the kids diaper bag and rub some on their hands and wrists after playgrounds or shopping carts. Along with elderberry syrup, vitamin d drops, probiotics and loads of vitamin c, we have stayed healthy through the first half of this cold/flu season.

Works well

Helps with my headaches.

C. S. Bostick
This item protects me from germs and viruses, protects my immune system....and has a great scent...

To me, this is not a pain relieving remedy albeit a great germ and virus protector, I highly recommend this product and intend to order it again...