Citrus Face Mud Mask - 2oz

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  • MOISTURIZES AND HYDRATES:  A soft, hydrating blend coats skin easily; works to hydrate and moisturize to leave you with that fresh feeling all day; Use 1-3 times per week for an easy way to keep your skin healthy and nourished.
  • REJUVENATES GLOW:  Exfoliates & clean the skin. Natural properties that reduce inflammation restore pH levels to give your skin a renewed glow.
  • SHRINKS PORES: Himalayan salt and other minerals work together to detoxify and hydrate your skin to reduce micro-swelling and shrink pores.
  • ANTI-AGING: Rosemary seed extract, crushed lemon & orange essential oils all work in harmony to prevent signs of premature aging. Regular application helps repair cells and prevent skin damage due to free radicals.
  • FRESH ENERGIZING SCENT A unique blend of all-natural citrus and floral scents gives you a feeling of freshness.

Customer Reviews

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Pamela M Foreman
Never too late to start

I'm in my 60's and this is the first time I've tried a mask. My plan is to use it once a week. I'm pretty sure this jar will last a year! I started with a clean face and spritzed rose water on to start applying. A little goes a long way and it left my skin feeling so smooth and refreshed. I love that it is made clean and pure and it comes in a glass jar.

Fresh Right Out of the Bag!

Immediately taking it out of the bag I could smell the fresh citrus scent! I swear a little goes A LOOONNNG WAY!! The texture of the clay is SO smooth and oddly satisfying.. the smell isn't overbearing and my face is genuinely so soft afterwards. I love it!

Rachael Rae
Wonderful feeling and gentle on skin!

I'm very conscious about skin care, and I wanted to try a new clay mask; I decided to give this one a try. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin sometimes citrus can be a bit too much, but this one is just light enough and with a subtle floral scent that it felt wonderful. As a technique, I applied it on my damp face so it could spread further using less and I recommend that to anyone who tries this. It dried relatively fast, maybe 10-15 minutes, and when I washed it off I definitely felt like my skin was smoother, lighter, and more breathable. I even applied a spritz of rose water and moisturizer afterwards and it didn't irritate my skin(something I pay close mind to, especially with products like Neutrogena which always seems to aggravate my face).Overall, I love how smooth and clean it made my face and how gentle it was on my sensitive skin. I am using this once a week and I think I'll get about 2 months out of it. Highly recommend!

Annaliese Durant
10/10 recommend this!

This product was amazing. Simple application and you don’t have to scrub it to get it off so it leaves your face feeling moisturized with no red splotches. I didn’t even need to use any products that day because my face was smooth and refreshed!

Great quality

Opening the package, I immediately loved that the mask was in a glass jar! The scent is wonderful, loved the citrus feel. I have used many mud masks over the years, and they have all felt gritty-this mask was not that way at all. Very nice texture and glides nicely on the skin. It dried relatively quick, which I appreciated and I could see where it was really working on my pores around my nose (a problem area for me), and it enabled me to get that cleaned up nicely. I have sensitive skin and I don’t mind spending a little extra for a great quality, clean skincare-and this did not disappoint!