Bath Flakes - Magnesium - 2.2lbs

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  • POWER OF MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is the second most important nutrient element for humans. It helps activate approximately 300 enzymes, relaxes your body and mind
  • GREAT REGENERATION: A magnesium bath is a perfect way to regenerate your body and mind after a heavy workout or a tough day at work. We absorb magnesium much faster through our skin than through swallowing pills. No more magnesium pills and tables, no more digestive stress for your stomach! The product is safe for people with allergies, thoroughly tested
  • BENEFICIAL TO YOUR SKIN: Magnesium chloride contained within the flakes is beneficial to your skin, improving its firmness and elasticity. The flakes are hygroscopic and thus help reduce the loss of water and precious nutrients
  • NATURAL & PURE: Magnesium Bath Flakes come from the purest and natural source. They are not treated with any agents. Purity and nature from the Earth

Customer Reviews

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I have been using magnesium chloride soaks for years to relax and soothe body aches. I started to accumulate those 3 lb plastic containers from a different brand, and wanted to get an economic refill. This costs just slightly more per oz, but I don't have the guilt of acuumulating and wasting giant plastic jugs that I just cant find a repurpose for. This is the same zechtenstein salt (so far as the reviews claim), and I don't notice anything different in smell or performance. For the price, a lot of brands will charge more for a smaller bag.

Linda Crossman
Soothing and healing

Worked well for my sore hip!Highly recommend